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If you're using one of my songs and you'd like to help parents and grandparents learn it so they can sing it with their kids, I've made a convenient sign for you to use! Just print it out, write the name of the song in the box, and post it on your wall or door.
Then you can all
sing with your kids together!     

2019 Songs of the Month

JANUARY - Ducky Has A Donut
FEBRUARY -  I Can Make A Heart With My Hands
MARCH - Pretty Baby You're Surrounded in Love
APRIL- Farm Machinery Song
MAY - Way Up In The Sky
JUNE - Gravity Dance
JULY -  Hi Ho, To Space We Go
AUGUST - Up Up and Away
SEPTEMBER -Everybody Has A Song To Sing
OCTOBER  -  Circle of Songs
NOVEMBER - Oats, Peas, Beans and Barley Grow


2018 Songs of the Month

JANUARY - Wintertime Is Here  (I'm Staying As Still As I Can)
FEBRUARY -  Groundhog Day
MARCH - The Cycle of Water
APRIL- Spring Is Here (It's Biology)
MAY - Rhythm of the Rocks / Obwisana
JUNE - Pebbles in the Sea
JULY - The Ballad of Kate Shelley
AUGUST - Cows Are Cool
SEPTEMBER - Hello, How Do You Do
OCTOBER  -  October Moon
NOVEMBER - Over The River and Through the Wood
DECEMBER  - Rub A Dub Dub

2017 Songs of the Month

JANUARY - Old Man Winter is Here
FEBRUARY -  Lady With The Alligator Purse
MARCH -Walk On The Line
APRIL- Dem Dinosaur Bones
MAY - Mothers Day Song
JUNE - Shake Your Shaker and Stop
JULY - Interesting Insects
AUGUST - I Saw A Little Doggie
SEPTEMBER -  Here's A Baby Dinosaur
OCTOBER  - Snakes Like To Snuggle
NOVEMBER - An Owl Sat Alone
DECEMBER  - Kwanzaa

2016 Songs of the Month

JANUARY - Little Mouse, Little Mouse
FEBRUARY -  Rhythm Stick Song
MARCH - All Around The Kitchen
APRIL- Everybody Has A Hat
MAY - I'll Drive A Dump Truck
JUNE -  Goin' On A Ferry Ride
JULY - That's What I Like to Do
AUGUST - Wishy Washy Washer Woman
SEPTEMBER -  Peek-a-Boo
OCTOBER  -  |I'm A Raccoon
NOVEMBER - Come Sit At Our Table
 DECEMBER  - Snowflake Game

2015 Songs of the Month

JANUARY - Migration
FEBRUARY -  Robot Song
MARCH - Where Is The Dog?
APRIL- My Aunt Came Back
MAY -  I'm A Little Teapot
JUNE -  Hickory Dickory Dock
JULY - I Am A Library
AUGUST - Take Me Out To The Ball Game
SEPTEMBER -  Willoughby Wallaby Woo
OCTOBER  -  Autumn Is Here
NOVEMBER - Peel The Potato
 DECEMBER  - Four Gingerbread Cookies

2014 Songs of the Month

JANUARY - Mitten Game
FEBRUARY -  There's A Little Wheel a' Turnin In My Heart
MARCH - Five Little Ducks
APRIL-  Maypole Song
MAY - Once Upon A Time
JUNE - Energy!
JULY - Four Pretty Butterflies
AUGUST - Mixing Up The Colors
SEPTEMBER -  Bought Me A Cat
OCTOBER  -  Walk Around The Edge Of The Web
NOVEMBER - Pop! Goes The Weasel
DECEMBER  -Winter Dance

2013 Songs of the Month

JANUARY- Rain, Rain, Won't Go Away
FEBRUARY- Hibernating Animals
MARCH- Marching Into March
APRIL- Charlie Over The Ocean
MAY - Digger Dog
JUNE - Somebody's Digging
JULY - Digging, Digging In The Sandbox
AUGUST - Opposites
SEPTEMBER -  Hello Song (for learning names)
OCTOBER - Baby, Who Do You See
NOVEMBER -  Billy Barlow
DECEMBER  - Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

2012 Songs of the Month

JANUARY- We Are Singing With The Children Of The World
FEBRUARY - Shake Your Legs and Stop!
MARCH - Shake Your Egg And Follow Me
APRIL- Ridin' Along and Singin' a Song
MAY - Flowers and Colors
JUNE - Garden Party
JULY - Slow Fast Song
AUGUST - The Rooster Song
SEPTEMBER - The Farmer's Apple Tree
OCTOBER - Salmon Song
NOVEMBER  - Three Fat Turkeys Sittin' On A Log
DECEMBER  - Must Be Santa

2011 Songs of the Month

JANUARY- Sticks and Stones, Seeds and Bones
FEBRUARY - Four Little Valentines
MARCH - Alphabet Song
APRIL - When the Pretty Flowers Grow
MAY - Vamos Al Mercado
JUNE - Garbage Truck, Garbage Truck
JULY - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
AUGUST - Dump Truck Song
SEPTEMBER - Open Shut Them
OCTOBER - Diwali
NOVEMBER - Criss Cross Applesauce
DECEMBER - Angel Band

2010 Songs of the Month

JANUARY- Bounce a Bouncy Ball
FEBRUARY - Sweetie Pie
MARCH - Jump
APRIL -  Plant A Little Seed
MAY  -  Beanbag Song
JUNE -  One Little Sea Star
JULY -  Shells
AUGUST - The Old Grey Cats Are Sleeping
SEPTEMBER - Clean Up Song
OCTOBER - Owl Song
NOVEMBER - Mister Turkey and Mister Duck
DECEMBER - We're Finished Now!

2009 Songs of the Month

JANUARY - A Hunting We Will Go
FEBRUARY  -  Bluebird Through My Window
MARCH  - To Market To Market
APRIL -  Who Has A Penny?
May -  I Like Sandwiches
June - Four Little Paper Dolls
July - Lots of Cars
August - Henry The Dog
September - Keeping the Germs Away
October - Arachnid Round (I'm a Spider)
November - Walkin' In The Outback
December - Break the Piñata

2008 Songs of the Month

JANUARY - Five Little Snowmen
FEBRUARY - I Have a Little Box
MARCH - Celebrating Holi
APRIL - The Birthday Train
MAY - One Little Dragonfly
JUNE - Little Bitty Bug
JULY - Circle Round
AUGUST - Ants In Your Pants
SEPTEMBER - Easy Habits
NOVEMBER - Dinosaur Dance Floor

2007 Songs of the Month

JANUARY - January’s Here (Circle Dance)
FEBRUARY - Dancing Pajamas
MARCH - Pass the Potato
APRIL- There Was A Tree
MAY - Thinking Cap
JUNE - Fishies
               July 2007
              August 2007
SEPTEMBER - Rocks in the Crust of the Earth
OCTOBER - When I Hear the Music
NOVEMBER - Singin' The Color Blues
DECEMBER - The Baby Jesus

2006 Songs of the Month

JANUARY - Just Like Me|
FEBRUARY - Tingalayo
MARCH - Doin' the Penguin Waddlin' Walk
APRIL- Elbow Room
MAY - Es un Dia
JUNE - Thank You Daddy
JULY - The Gift
AUGUST -Take a Walk Around the Room
SEPTEMBER -Hello My Friends
OCTOBER - In Our Solar System (Bye Bye Pluto)
NOVEMBER -  Felt Board Train
DECEMBER -A Season for Singing

2005 Songs of the Month

JANUARY - When Ducks Get Up in the Morning
FEBRUARY -  Socks Around the Circle (game)
MARCH - Fly Little Bird
APRIL- Who Would Like to Buy My Flowers?
MAY - Dancing Rainbow Colors
JUNE -  5 Little Dragons
JULY - Clapping in the Castle
AUGUST - Cows are in the Castle
SEPTEMBER - Dinosaurs in Cars
OCTOBER - Apple and an Ant
NOVEMBER -  Hey There/What Are You Thankful For?
DECEMBER -Star Shine Bright

2004 Songs of the Month

  January - Shapes    February - Bears
  March - Leprechauns and Shamrocks    April - Humpty Dumpty
  May - I Love You, Mom    June - Ladybug Spots
  July - Make a Bit of Butter    August - Hooray for the Games!
  September - Can You Sit in a Circle?    October - Pumpkin Farm
  November - Bonjour Mon Ami    December - Summer and Winter

Bonus song for Hanukkah - Eight days of Light

(from "A Season for Singing" CD - Not included on the Song of the Month CD)

2003 Songs of the Month

       January - Gung Hay Fat Choy

February - Who Will Be My Valentine?

       March - Trees

April - Rhyme Time

       May - Wheels

June - Row Your Boat/Things That Go

       July - Thread a Needle

August - Sticky Bubblegum

       September - Apple Tasting Fun

October - Five Pretty Gourds

       November - Celebrate Eid

December - The Colors of Winter

2001 Songs of the Month

2002 Songs of the Month

Bonus Holiday Song - Kwanzaa  (available on the "A Season for Singing" CD)
(Not included on the CD)

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