April 2013 Song of the Month

Digger Dog
Melody traditional (Lady With the Alligator Purse)
Copyright 2013 by Nancy Stewart

This song may be downloaded for free and used for any purpose that is not for profit.




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This monthís simplest of songs brings together two of my current projects. The tune is to a traditional melody youíll find as part of A Bakerís Dozen on SingWithOurKids.com. And for the summer reading theme for 2013, Dig into Reading, this is one of several songs Iíve written for librarians to use in their story times. More will be found on the summer reading page later this week. Though very short, it packs a lot of kid smiles and participation!

Digger Dog

I have a little doggy, his paws are really big
   (hold hands in paw position and flop them around as you sing)

And when he goes outside he likes to dig and dig and dig
   (make digging motion with hands)

He drops his bone into the hole and covers it in a snap
   (place one fist on either side of mouth to indicate bone,
   and drop fists down to ground

Puts one paw on the other then lies down to take a nap
   (rest one forearm on other and lay head on hands)