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  • If it's a problem with music clips, name and version (usually found under 'Help') of your player.

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How to Download Songs (MP3)

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About MP3
MP3 is the name of a universal music format that can be played on all computers, smart phones, and pads. Simply double-clicking on the file will automatically open a program and begin playing the song.
If you have a CD writer, you can also copy them to a CD and play them in any CD Player. Here's how to download the songs to your own computer:

1)  RIGHT Click (or CTRL Click for Mac) on the "Download MP3 link found on each Song of the Month page. (For songs before 2007 this is at the bottom; songs from 2008 on are at the top.)

2)   PC ~ Save Target As..  Mac ~ Download Link
or Save Link as.. in Firefox  (same in PC or Mac)
Take note of where the file will be saved on your computer, so you can find it later!  It's usually in the folder indicated at the top of your SAVED dialogue box.

3)  Once you have the files you can play them as indicated below, or create your own music CD.


How to use PDFs

METHOD 1: Just click on the link and wait a few moments. Your screen will be blank for a bit - but just have faith (and a little patience). When it appears (about 5-25 sec.) Just go up to your browser's FILE menu and select 'PRINT".

RIGHT-CLICK (Windows) or CONTROL-CLICK (Mac) and then select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" (MS Explorer/ AOL or Netscape)
You'll be able to watch the progress, and it will be saved on your computer. Then you'll still have it in case you have to re-do it. (Just remember where you saved it!)

Most people have the Acrobat Reader already installed on their computer; but if by chance you don't you can  get it yourself here. It's 5MB, so it will take about 15 minutes to download by 56K modem.

Q I get a message that says Adobe Acrobat Reader handler not found.
This means you don't have Acrobat reader and need to download it. Click on the icon above to get it.

Q I click on the download link and Acrobat Reader opens up, but all I get is a gray box.
Some of these documents can take a 15 to 30 seconds, so just be patient. If you can see the PDF interface at the beginning you'll be O.K. That's why our preferred way is to download the document to our computer as in METHOD 2 (above), so try that. GO HERE to do that.

Q I have Acrobat Reader and have downloaded the form but still can't see it.
You probably have an outdated version. Click on the HELP menu in Acrobat Reader and select "About Acrobat Reader". If it's not version 5, use Add/Remove programs in your Control Panel to uninstall it, and then GO HERE to get your new free version.

Q I have the most current version, but when I click on the PDF file it opens up the old version.
Rude, but that's the way it is. Go into your Control Panel and uninstall the old version as outlined above. Then it should work just fine.


Printing Tips

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When you print from Internet Explorer you have the option of printing the background or not, depending on what you are using the printed page for. In IE go to Tools/Internet Options and click on the Advanced tab. Scroll down to Printing and check the box marked "Print background colors and images" if that's what you would like to do. Then click OK or Apply.You can see what your printed page will look like by clicking on "File" at the top of your browser window and then "Print Preview"

Make Your Own CD!

Make sure that your computer has a CD burner (writer). It should have come with software that will create Music CDs from your MP3's. If not, Music Match Jukebox has options for creating CDs
These are the basic Instructions for all programs
Open your software program
OPEN the folder where you downloaded your MP3s
Select the songs you want to use 
Indicate that you want to burn an "audio" CD.
Click the 'Create CD' button.
Enjoy your new CD!

Your individual programs will have specific instructions in the HELP file  - don't be afraid to use it!