January 2016 Song of the Month

Little Mouse, Little Mouse

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This tiny little song provides big fun for kids! Itís a guessing game, played to figure out where the mouse is. Cut out different colored houses from felt, and hide the mouse behind one of them. Alternately, for one or two children, make the pictures out of paper and play the game on a table.
(You can find the pictures to cut out, as well as a special Christmas story about little mouse, with instructions on the
lyrics page.)

As you Sing the song let the children guess which color house the mouse is in. Once they choose the right one they will want to do it again and again!

I have modified this popular rhyme to make it a song (tune is Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star). Because the words are slightly different than the typical version, you can change to fit with whatever theme youíre doing.


Little Mouse, Little Mouse

Little mouse, little mouse, where did you go?
Are you in the red house, I donít know.

Change underlined words to those below to fit your theme, or just change the animal and keep the house! Endless fun! Use the patterns below, or search Pinterest for many others!

bee / hive
bird / nest
dog / house
cat / box
bug / box