December 2017 Song of the Month


Copyright 2017 by Nancy Stewart
(from "A Season For Singing"  also available on CD)


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Since most children (and adults for that matter!) don’t know what Kwanzaa is, this is a great opportunity to introduce this wonderful holiday to children.

Kwanzaa is a time for African Americans to honor their people, their past, and their unique culture. It lasts seven days, from December 26th to January 1st. Have children hold up seven fingers every time the word seven is sung, or a picture of the number seven. Gather several traditional African instruments to play. Or make special shakers decorated with African designs.
See the Homemade Instruments page for suggestions.

Have three pictures of African Americans to represent family, history (example: a picture of Martin Luther King), and creativity (example: African textile ). Three children can be given the pictures to hold up during the corresponding words in the song.

Discuss the following:
Kwanzaa is celebrated by African Americans to honor
    their families, their history, and creativity.
Kwanzaa lasts seven days, and a different principle is
    honored each day
Kwanzaa and the many words associated with it are
    Swahili. Kwanzaa means “first fruits of the harvest”.

NOTE: Although there are 7 different principles of Kwanzaa, for the purposes of simplicity when teaching young children, family, history, and creativity are used in the song. Recommended for more information and related activities:
Kwanzaa, by Sharon Gale (paperback $1.95)



Seven days of Kwanzaa, seven days to celebrate
Seven ways of Kwanzaa, seven reasons to celebrate
Celebrate your history, celebrate your family
Honor creativity, and celebrate with me 
Seven days of Kwanzaa, seven days to celebrate
Seven ways of Kwanzaa, seven reasons to celebrate
Kwanzaa, Kwanzaa, Kwanzaa