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 Music is magic. It can instantly transport us in time and emotion. It can teach, or simply entertain. Writing music for children gives adults the luxury of revisiting their own childhoods, and if they are lucky, of becoming a part of the childhood of others. Each of these songs is special to me. Each is a piece of my childhood, or of my children's or of the children I know and teach. I hope that these songs will become special to you too.      - Nancy


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  Vol. 1&2 Song Of The Month 2CD Collection  - 2005 Edition
A two volume set of the Song of the Month series includes all 48 of the wonderful songs available on Nancy's website, from January 2001 to Dec 2004, without the bother of downloading and converting them yourself!
Companion activity pages and sheet music are always printable from the site.
2 CDs $15   ISBN 1-885430-27-2


Vol. 3&4 Song Of The Month 2CD Collection - 2008 Edition
Nancy's second two-volume set of the Song of the Month series includes all of the wonderful songs available on Nancy's website from January 2005 to Dec 2008, without the bother of downloading and converting them yourself!
Companion activity pages and sheet music are always printable from the site.
2 CDs $15     ISBN 1-885430-33-7


Vol. 5&6 Song Of The Month 2CD Collection - 2011 Edition
Nancy's third two-volume set of the Song of the Month series includes all of the wonderful songs available on Nancy's website from January 2009 to Dec 2011, without the bother of downloading and converting them yourself!
Companion activity pages and sheet music are always printable from the site.
2 CDs $15    ISBN 1-885430-34-5


Bee Boppin' Bugs  (2-8 years)
Bee-Boppin' Bugs are here to give you a lift and help you learn about the wonderful world of insects!
Bug Songs of Fact and Fantasy - Lyrics included!

CD $15     ISBN 1-885430-20-5



Songs from Tales of the Trails
Songs from the Pioneer Days of the Oregon Trail
Marylee and Nancy perform these songs in their annual show together in Washington and California.

  NEW!! Click here for Lyrics!

CD $15    ISBN 1-885430-29-9


Sing a Song of Science (ages 2-8)  
Interactive science songs for young children.
These songs are a great way to introduce children to science, or reinforce basic concepts. The included activities offer lots of fun ways to conduct musical experiments! Activity Pages are also available on the web site
      (Click HERE for the Background story of this recording!)
CD $15     ISBN 1-885430-16-7



Rhythm of the Rocks   (ages 3 -12)
A multicultural musical journey by MaryLee & Nancy
• American Library Association Notable Children’s Recording
• Parents’ Choice Honors
   A collection of songs from around the world—beautifully performed with acoustic
CD $15    
ISBN 1-885430-11-6 



Rhythm of the Rocks Songbook
Companion Song book to the Rhythm of the Rocks CD
Songbook $8    
ISBN 1-885430-01-9


Goodnight, Sleep Tight
Original and Traditional lullabies by MaryLee & Nancy
• Sandman Seal of Approval
MaryLee & Nancy’s first recording! And their best loved! Parents and children have taken this to their hearts (and their beds!) since it was first created. Heavenly vocal harmonies and arrangements that include acoustic guitar, piano, and recorder. The songs are a diverse collection from folk traditions around the world.   (ages 0 and up)

CD $15   
ISBN 1-885430-10-8 



Singin' Sidesaddle  (ages 3 and up)
Sing-along songs of the Old West by MaryLee & Nancy !
MaryLee & Nancy sing these all-time western favorites in true country style—all acoustic and tight vocal harmonies
• Parents’ Choice Approval
CD $15   
ISBN 1-885430-15-9 



Oodles of Animals  (ages 3-9)
This is an endearing collection of original songs which Nancy has “kid-tested” on her own delightful (now adult) children and her many young audiences in the Great Northwest! Somehow, she really understands the little person’s point of view. Singing from the heart, each song becomes your favorite as you hear it! Very sing-along-able!
CD $15   
ISBN 1-885430-18-3 



Little Songs for Little Me   (ages 0-5)
Activity Kit with CD or Cassette by Nancy Stewart
Do you ever wish you could remember a melody from a childhood song? Do you wish you could access it quickly and have a small motor activity or visual aid to keep your child involved with the song? Nancy Stewart has created this collection of 32 traditional songs and finger plays in an easy to use format: Three Ring Binder, pre-marked felt cut-outs, attached flannel board, lyrics, chords and accompanying tape or CD with Nancy’s clear, sweet voice performing all the songs. The melodies are prominent and Nancy’s guitar arrangements create a beautiful package for listening and participating.
Book & CD $30  
ISBN 1-885430-24-8 



Plant a Little Seed   (ages 2-9)
Songs For Growing Children by Nancy Stewart
How does she do it? Each time Nancy creates an album, she delivers the most usable and singable songs! If you are faced with a circle time or rainy day full of singing—USE THESE SONGS!!!! The
Accompanying Songbook is full of ideas for movement and activity which will keep children involved!
Book & CD $20   
ISBN 1-885430-25-6  



A Season for Singing  (ages 3-12)
"Season" your holidays with classics and original songs by Nancy, bringing you the holiday spirit from other lands. "Children are singing all over the world", and they'll be singing all over your house the whole year long!
Only an experienced songwriter can create this wonderful flow of music—There are songs here which, of course, are incredibly familiar—and songs which will soon be classics of the season, with an all inclusive international theme! A great collection for elementary school winter programs!
CD $15   
ISBN 1-885430-13-2



In Celebration of Women
Songs about the joys and not so joys of womanhood.
Nancy is in constant demand to perform these songs at women’s gatherings in the Seattle area! Funny, sweet, gutsy—this is a collection every woman can relate to!

CD $15   ISBN 1-885430-19-1 



Mother Goose Guitar Course

Designed specifically for adults who work with young children, who would like to be able to play simple songs in circle time. Designed to be fun and non- stressful!  Includes Course Notebook and Practice Songs CD
Mother Goose Guitar Course $30

                                 CD's by MaryLee


1,2,3 - Sing With Me!
MaryLee sings favorite children's songs. This recording was created "by special request" for Parents' Place Parent Education Class at the Adult School in Pacific Grove, California. Sweet, tuneful and clearly sung by MaryLee.
CD $15


  Ancient Mother
Although there is only one song on this recording, MaryLee has received requests for it from moms-to-be who read the article that appeared in "Family Connections" magazine, January 1999.
CD $15

  Little Christmas
Sublime to ridiculous and back to sublime again! These Christmas songs are for fun, for music and for exploring the spirit of giving! Don't miss "It's the Thought", a great poem in the Dr. Seuss tradition.
CD $15


Bella Notte
Italian children's songs and lullabies
CD $15

  Some Irish Songs For My Nana   (Ages 3-103)
Performed on harp, guitar, recorder dulcimer and "a voice as pure as a Spring morning," MaryLee celebrates her Irish heritage with traditional popular and original songs and an interactive leprechaun story. This recording gathers the generations under the spell of tunes and lyrics from the old days and the old ways.
CD $15

      Wee Chant  (Ages 0 to 103)
Chants, Songs and Lullabies from around the world.
CD $15

      Whale Watching   (Ages 3-9)
MaryLee sings fun, funny and educational songs of the sea from her shows at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, TheatreFest, the Squid Festival, and schools and libraries around the country.
CD $15
      Irish Moon
The songs are tender renditions of ballads, easy on the ears, and gently produced with acoustic guitar and voice, and flute or harmonica now and then. Each tells a story.
CD $15


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