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As many of you know, my father was a science teacher with his own business. He held after school workshops for boys AND girls, and my siblings and I attended all of them. His work made for a pretty interesting childhood, as there were always lights, buzzers, wires, test tubes, magnets, and other paraphernalia scattered about the house. Our garage was like a magical warehouse, housing the solution to any mechanical or electrical problem. My dad would take us to Hughes Aircraft Surplus store, where he would find large amounts of discarded treasures, and create projects aroundFred Hooper them. Hmmm... that must be where I got my eye for "junk"...
So, it’s only natural that somewhere along the line, my Dad’s world of science would enter my world of music. I’ve been performing the "Science" concert for several years, and must say, it’s one of my very favorites.

Here's a sample activity from the booklet that accompanies the CD:

Song: The Measurement Song

Activity: Have examples of a ruler, a yardstick, measuring cups and spoons, and a clock with hands.
Cut out magazine pictures and ask children which measuring devices would be used to measure each. Example - cooking pictures (cups and spoons) sports (time) sewing, decorating (ruler).

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