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I’ve toured with these two songbirds, and I love them!” BURL IVES

MaryLee & Nancy are long time best friends and music partners. Their early career began when they met in Girls’ Glee at the age of 14. They soon began performing in Los Angeles at “The New Hope Inn,” “The Troubador,” “Alice’s Restaurant, ” “McCabe’s Guitar Shop” and the Renaissance Faire. They recorded radio jingles for “Ladies Choice Pickles” and the cycle of nursery rhymes for Mattel Toys “See ’n Say.” In 1971 they joined the touring concert act Randy Sparks & the Back Porch Majority and performed nationwide, opening shows for: BURL IVES, SHIRLEY JONES, LILY TOMLIN, BILL COSBY and many others. After touring America for more than 9 years, performing 4 shows per night, six nights per week, they created solo acts, with each other’s blessing and encouragement.

They perform as a duo annually in “Tales of the Trails” at the Yakima Valley Museum and Children’s Concerts at many King County Libraries for the Summer Reading Program.

"My family was transported back in time on May 3rd! I visited the Yakima Valley Museum for their "Tales of the Rails" presentation and was swept away! All of the children were captivated with the music and living history lesson of days gone by.
Thank you, David Lynx and Yakima Valley Museum staff for bringing such top-notch performers to our community. I hope more people will realize what a treasure we have in our own backyard."
Maria Barrett

MaryLee and Nancy sing each other’s original songs as well as traditional songs in their solo performances in their home states: Nancy primarily in Washington, MaryLee primarily in California.

MaryLee & Nancy have received the American Library Association Notable Children’s Recording and the Parents Choice Award for their CD recording: “Rhythm of the Rocks,” Parents Choice Award for “Singin’ Sidesaddle” and the Sandman Seal of Approval for “Goodnight Sleep Tight.”

Sixpence - concert repertoire, recorded at Mattel Toys 1968. Sixpence members: Chere Campbell, Mary Lee Duval, Nancy Hooper, Priscilla Lewis, Katie Winslow, Ann Taylor
Mary Lee & Nancy - Elektra Records - 7 song demo recorded in New York City, August 16 and 17, 1969 (Woodstock weekend)
MaryLee & Nancy - A&M Records - demo recorded Los Angeles, 1971
RS & The BPM: The Initial Album - Randy Sparks & the Back Porch Majority, recorded in Los Angeles, 1972 (band members: Randy Sparks, Mary Lee Duval, Nancy Hooper, Dan Gladish, Dan Murray and Ted Jolly)
New Country Minstrels - Randy Sparks & the Back Porch Majority, recorded in Nashville, 1975 (band members: Randy Sparks, Mary Lee Duval, Nancy Hooper, Dan Gladish, Marv Allin, Ross Sears)
Unreleased songs - Randy Sparks & the Back Porch Majority, recorded at Lloyd's of Linden, 1977-78
Bright Angel Band - Bright Angel Band, demo, recorded in Stockton, 1979 (band members: Mary Lee Duval, Nancy Stewart, Dan Gladish, Marv Allin, Robbie Dennis)

The following 4 recordings are available in the Shop

Goodnight, Sleep Tight - MaryLee & Nancy, recorded in Stockton, 1987
Oodles of Animals - Nancy Stewart, producer: MaryLee Sunseri, recorded in Stockton 1988
Rhythm of the Rocks - MaryLee & Nancy, recorded in Carmel Valley, 1993
Singin' Sidesaddle - MaryLee & Nancy, recorded in Pacific Grove, 1997