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Birthday Parties

Women's Concert



A special concert for and about women, featuring songs
about motherhood, "work", men, and yes, even PMS!
You'll laugh...you'll cry... you'll have one heck of a good time!

Nancy's Women's Concert is available for
fund raising events - please call for details

You're listening to an excerpt from "PMS"
click HERE for more song samples from the CD

  • Meetings
  • Fundraisers
  • Showers
  • Birthdays
  • Volunteer Reward (they even have their own song!)
  • Rallies
  • Fun!
  • Too much stress!
  • Too much work!
  • Too much guilt!
  • Not enough time!
  • PMS!
  • Sick Kids!
  • Messy Kids!

Comments from the audience....

"I never thought I'd be singing about my bunions, laughing about PMS, and crying for mothers who went to war, all in one evening! I think we all went home and hugged our children, said a prayer for soldier moms, and sang to our laundry!"                                                  - Debbie S. , Seattle

"I'm enjoying this CD tremendously, but may be playing it too much! My husband is humming PMS around the house, and I wonder if that is quite all right!"                                                                    - Joan C., Monterey

"In Celebration of Women is a knockout! How did we do without it this long? Congratulations on yet another success, and obviously a labor of love!"                                                                          - Kay K. , Seattle

for Booking information
call (206) 232-1078
or email nancy@nancymusic.com
to order the Celebration tape or CD visit our online Shop