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Welcome to the promo media kit page!
Download the photo of your choice, or the color posters (They are designed to work in Word, so after it’s downloaded you can insert your own concert details).
I’ve also included a short bio at the bottom of this page for your use - feel free to edit it for length. If you need anything else to promote a concert you have booked, please let me know. I would be happy to e-mail or send you whatever you need to make your event a success!

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First, here are several generic photos you can use for anything. They are png. format, so the backgrounds are transparent.

Concert in the Castle Poster and Photo

Promo Photo with TEXT Promo Photo ONLY
Up Up and Away Word DOC Up Up and Away Concert JPG
Nancy Transparent PNG  

Raise the Roof Poster.doc

Raise the Roof JPG
Read Sing Move Play.doc
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Read Sing Move Play
Write on it or use any way you want.
Read Sing Move Play.jpg
Graphic only to use as you wish..
Sing A Song Of Science jpg
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Sing A Song Of Science DOC
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Sing A Song Of Science Nancy
Use for brochures or your own sign.
4x5 for newspaper promo
300 ppi
I Dig Dinosaurs poster DOC to edit
I Dig Dinosaurs! JPG I Dig Dinosaurs Poster DOC

Dancing Pajamas JPG
For general use

Hello House

Sticks, Stones, Seeds & Bones-1

Sticks, Stones, Seeds & Bones-2

Just Imagine

Just Imagine

"Just Imagine!"  PHOTO "Just Imagine!"  WORD doc

"Bee-Boppin' Bugs" Promo PHOTO
Concert PHOTO Nancy Strolling
"Magical Mother Goose Photo and Poster"
Magical Mother Goose 195kb Magical Mother Goose 2 195kb
Use with your own poster design Use with your own poster design
Magical Mother Goose Poster  
WORD doc to fill in yourself  

Holiday Photos

Oct. Promo Photo - 217 KB

Holiday Promo Photo -496 KB

Use with your own poster design

Use with your own poster design


Holiday 1 - white background

Holiday 2 with snowflakes


PHOTO Add your own text


"Where in the World" Poster and Photo

Promo Photo - 196 KB

WORD Promo Poster -220 KB

Use with your own poster design

Add your own text

Promo Photo - 249kb

Promo Photo - 333kb

Nancy Leap

Nancy Leap with Text

 "Bedhog Dogs" Poster and Photo
WORD Promo Poster  - 664kb Promo Photo - 185kb
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 Sing into Reading Poster and Photo
WORD Promo Poster  - 1.2MB Promo Photo - 286kb
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Nancy standing Nancy sitting Nancy Yee-ha!
Standing - 270kb Sitting  - 300kb Yee-Ha - 290kb

Promo Poster

WORDPromo Poster  - 1.9MB

Specialty Paper Promo Poster
for KCLS - 1.15MB


You can download this as a text file - use same instructions as above

Nancy Stewart Concert

Join national award-winning children's singer-songwriter Nancy Stewart for a fun-filled concert. Kids of all ages will enjoy the contagious sing-along fun that is part of every Nancy Stewart Show!


Nancy Stewart is a national award-winning musician who has been writing and performing for young children and their families for twenty years. This followed a successful fifteen year-long career as lead guitarist and vocalist with a nationally known show band. Featuring original and traditional songs, Nancy’s nine CD’s for children can be heard in schools, homes, and libraries across the country. Her music workshops for teachers, parents, and librarians have been highly praised for their relevant, useful, and easy to use songs and ideas.

Nancy has also shared the stage with Burl Ives, Shirley Jones, and Lily Tomlin at concerts and nightclubs across the United States and Canada. As lead guitarist and vocalist she performed with Randy Sparks and the Back Porch Majority beginning in 1971, and recorded several albums in Nashville and Los Angeles, the Disney movie theme “The Apple Dumpling Gang”, and numerous radio and TV commercials.

For more information, visit Nancy’s website at www.Nancymusic.com


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