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For over 2 decades, Nancy Stewart has been a respected keynote speaker and presenter at numerous early childhood conferences. Her workshops are highly praised for their relevant and easy to use ideas for librarians, teachers, and parents of all ages.
Her national award-winning children's recordings can be heard in homes, schools, and libraries across the United States and Canada, and Nancy is a well-known favorite with her young concert audiences throughout the Northwest!

Participant Comments:
“This is the best workshop I’ve ever attended! Thank You!”

“Fun and informative. Can’t wait to try these songs out!”

“This workshop was incredibly helpful because the wonderful
ideas were passed on in a way that I can really understand
without any other outside help!”

“Nancy makes sure we know how to revise each song to make it developmentally appropriate for different ages;
lots of helpful hints to keep children on task!”

(can vary in length from 30 min-3hrs depending on your needs)

Sing Into Reading
The importance of music and singing in early childhood development from birth on cannot be overstated. In this workshop participants will learn the six early reading skills, and how singing is vital in building them.

Download the Workshop Handout as a PDF HERE
Get songs used in the workshop below:
5 Little Dragons
A Hunting We Will Go

Apple and an Ant
Bluebird Through My Window
Dinosaurs in Cars
Egg Shaking Song

Four Little Paper Dolls
Gung Hay Fat Choy
Hello My Friends
Let's Go To The Market
Lots of Cars
One Two
Pass the Potato

Plant A Little Seed
The Colors of Winter
To Market To Market

Who Has A Penny?
Who Will Be My Valentine?

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Dem Bones
Fruit Song
I'll Drive a Dump Truck
My Aunt Came Back

Singable Songs for Storytimes

Especially For Librarians
Download Workshop Materials:
Singable Songs for Storytimes PDF      Early Literacy Music Connection PDF
Learn how to enhance storytimes and build early literacy skills through the use of simple songs and props.

Songs for Growing Children

Nancy’s most popular workshop!

Through group singing and small group demonstrations,
Learn 20 simple songs for ages 2-7, and specific way to adapt them to
    different ages and abilities
Homemade instruments and ways to use them
Tips on organizing your music collection
Simple props to use with songs

Weave a Web of Songs
Through group singing and small group demonstrations, participants will learn to use the many rescores provided free on Nancy’s website. No internet experience is necessary.
Some of the almost 50 songs found on Nancy’s website
How to make many of the song props
Nancy’s pick of other great free educational websites
Basic internet skills and how to use Nancy’ site to learn them

Song and Story Sounds
Through group singing and small group demonstrations,
How to make 6 rhythm instruments
Specific ways to use rhythm instruments in stories and songs
How to use rhythm instruments to improve listening skills
How to create a “music kit”
Workshop will culminate with participants breaking into small groups,
   each creating a song or story using rhythm instruments. Groups will
   then share their work

Help, I Can’t Sing But I Want To!
We all know how important it is to sing with young children, but what if you feel can’t, or aren’t comfortable singing? This workshop is limited to 20, and is designed to help participants identify and create personal strategies for dealing with their own issues around singing.
Fill out questionnaires about their personal experiences, followed by a
   group discussion
Meet with Nancy individually to identify vocal range and address concerns
Learn specific ways to improve vocal skills and increase confidence
Be given a list of resources including books and websites to follow up workshop

What About Me?
Music Workshop for Teen Parents

This group has very real and specific needs, and is by nature a tough group to reach. Often required to attend parenting classes, they are typically resistant to help. Through focusing first on their own needs and experiences, Nancy has found a way to break though the barriers and get teen parents excited about providing simple music for their children.
Fill out questionnaires relating to their experiences with music in their own
   childhoods and adolescence
Listen to a sampling of music and write down their emotional responses to each.
   Discussion will follow.
Learn about how age-appropriate music will help their babies grow and develop
Learn specific ways to use music everyday, including how to use the library
   and other free resources

Better Than Blankies!
Music Workshop for Parents

Parents are invited to bring their babies and young children, as we explore the role music plays early childhood development
Sing and play five familiar children's songs
Sing each song five different ways to show how they help build literacy,
    listening, music, and core concept skills
Take home handouts filled with resources and ideas for sharing music with
    children at home

(can vary in length from 30 min-2 hrs depending on your needs)

The Magic of Music
Through songs and stories, Nancy will explore the many ways music encourages and strengthens early childhood development. Participants will gain specific ideas on how and why to use music in the classroom every day.

All In A Simple Song!
Using five traditional children’s songs, Nancy will discuss the incredible benefits of including these simple songs in your every day world. From brain growth and development to comforting and connecting, learn why nothing beats a simple song!

In Celebration of Women  (visit the page)
Give your staff the gift of music that’s just for them! Though primarily entertainment, participants will leave feeling motivated, rejuvenated, and appreciated! - as noted, this concert is intended primarily for women. If your staff includes men, adjustments will be made to include them!