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September 2006
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As we begin a new school year, it seems a good time to have a new Hello Song. This one incorporates a few easy ASL signs for you to use. Have a great year, and dont forget to use the past September Songs of the Month as well!

Hello My Friends
Words in bold indicate simple ASL signs for you to add
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Hello my friends wont you sing with me,
Sing with me, come and sing with me
Hello my friends, wont you sing with me
Wont you come and sing with me.

Verse 2. Read with me
Verse 3. Dance with me
Verse 4. Play with me

Dance: Downturned index and middle fingers of the right v hand swing rhythmically back and forth over the upturned left palm.


Friends: : Hook together index fingers of both hands, then unhook, reverse, and hook again.


Play: Hands held with three middle fingers closed, and wiggling back and forth


Read: Left hand is held before body, palm up and fingers pointing to the right. This represents the page. The right v hand then moves down as if scanning the page.

Sing:  Wave flat right hand as if conducting.



Please visit the ASLWEB Site to see animated versions of the above signs, as well as any others you might want to add.





















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