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Pass the Potato
(St Patrick’s Day Song)
Copyright 2006 Nancy Stewart

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St. Patrick’s Day is a fun day to celebrate with children, and a great way to learn about Ireland! To make the most of this simple passing game, do the following:

Assemble items in the song, and place them in a green box or bag (see prop and facts after the lyrics). Show the children a map of the world, and point out Ireland. As you take each item out of the bag or box, give a short explanation of its relevance to St Patrick’s Day. Following are simple things you can say, along with a link to a website with more information if you would like to learn more!

After talking about the items, put them back in the box or bag and tell the children you are going to sing a song where you will pass the items around the circle. Take a minute to make sure they know which way to pass! Sing the first verse, passing the potato. As you sing the long   “Oh----,” STOP passing the potato, and take out the next item and begin passing it (resume passing the potato). Every time you get to the “Oh----,” take out and begin passing another item, stopping all passing while singing the “Oh---.”  Keep passing all of the items until all have been passed, and the song ends. Children will have to pay attention, as items will be passed to them often! When singing with younger children, you can pass fewer items.

Pass the Potato
(St Patrick’s Day Song)

Pass the potato ‘round the circle,
Pass the potato ‘round

Pass it very carefully,
Don’t let it touch the ground.  Oh------

Repeat with Pass the...
Shamrock, snake, rainbow, leprechaun



Check out thrift stores or party stores, or dollar stores for inexpensive props, and of course, a real potato!

If you don’t have time to look, or can’t fine them, use the clipart included here. You can print it out and laminate it, or just glue each picture onto a piece of construction paper. I’ve added words for early literacy.


Instead of using the props, gather together a bunch of green items, such as a toy frog, dinosaur, green book, block, marker- things in your classroom.


Potatoes have been a popular food in Ireland because they are easy to grow. Then you just have to dig  them up and boil them in water. They take no special cooking equipment or skill. Even children could make them!
(Ask children for their favorite kinds of potatoes, from French fries to mashed).

Shamrocks mean good luck in Ireland, and so does the number 3. “Everything good comes in threes”
Fun Shamrock Facts

Stories say that St Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland, and that’s why there aren’t any snakes there today.   Why Ireland Has No Snakes

At the end of the rainbow is a pot of gold!
  Make a rainbow and pot 'o gold mobile

Leprechauns are fairies in Ireland. Legend says that if you catch and hold onto a leprechaun, he has to show you his pot of gold!    Learn all about leprechauns!