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February 2003
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Who Will Be My Valentine?
(singing game)
Ages 3-6

Who will be my valentine, valentine, valentine
Who will be my valentine, I wonder who will be


Cut out same number of paper hearts as you have children (if you have an odd number, include yourself to make it even). Divide into pairs, and put the same pictures on each set of pairs. For younger children, choose a simple shape (like an animal). With older children, you can make the pictures more similar so they are harder to match..You might also decorate with words or letters, valentine stickers, or clipart. Laminate the hearts if you plan to use them a lot.

To play the game:

First teach the song to the children by singing it with them a couple of times.
Then, with children sitting in a circle, mix up the hearts, and pass them out to the children, picture side down as you sing the song together. Then tell the children to try to find their valentine, but finding the child who has a matching heart. Tell children to sit back down with their valentine-partners when they find them. Note: the first couple of times you do this, the children may need your help, but they will quickly learn how to “match” the pairs. Play the game as many times as the children want! (Don’t forget to mix up the hearts before playing the game each time).

Other ideas: Let one child collect the hearts in a basket after you finish playing each time. You can also have one child pass out the hearts, either in front of the children, on the floor behind them.








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