April 2010 Song of the Month


Plant A Little Seed
Copyright 2010 by Nancy Stewart
From my CD, "Plant A Little Seed"
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This has been one of my most popular songs in the past twenty years, and I’m including it as a song of the month by request. It’s a good example of what I think makes a successful song for use with young children. It ‘s simple, has a strong rhythm, hand motions, incorporates early literacy, and is relevant to children’s lives. It’s a finger play, but has visuals as well, so is a great song to use with all kinds of children, including special needs and ESL You can use the printed pictures included here, or a bowl of vegetables (great when you’re getting your snack ready).

Suitable for ages 2-6.

Below are examples of how this song reinforces the six early reading skills when you use the pictures on the words printout.


Print Awareness: Hold the word “seed” upside down, and the children will correct you. Or follow the word with your finger as you read from left to right.

Letter Recognition: Letters and words are provided on the pictures, and you can talk about them.

Vocabulary: Some of the vegetable names will be new to children, and you can include others as well.

Print motivation: Giving a clue before revealing each vegetable turns this into a game.

Narrative skills: You can stop and talk about each vegetable before going on to the next. Ask about what they like to eat, if they go to the market, etc.

Phonological Awareness: The hand motions follow the syllables as you sing, letting children feel the smaller sounds with their bodies.
PROPS: Pictures of vegetables. In addition to the five vegetables in the song, there are four others you can use. Print out nine copies of the “Seed” page, use them to back each of the vegetable pictures ( I have done mine on different colored paper just for fun). This brings early literacy into the song. You can glue or laminate each, or slip them into page protectors.

INSTRUCTIONS: At the end of each verse, hold up a picture and ask children to name the fruit or vegetable. With children three and older, you can give a hint and ask them to guess.

On the CD or MP3 download, all three verses are done together, but you can pick one verse to do at a time so children aren’t confused.

Plant a Little Seed

Plant a little seed,
(one hand makes loose fist to form a pot, other hand moves down through pot in 3 movements, in time
with the music)

Watch it grow,
(hand comes back up through “pot” in 3 moves with
the music)

Soon we will have a vegetable
(one fist on top of the other, then fist over fist
“growing “upward, in time with the music)


Other versions for fruit
or fruit and vegetables:

Plant a little seed,
Watch it root
Soon we will have a piece of fruit

Plant a little seed,
Watch it sprout,
Let’s all try to figure it out
(is it a fruit, or a vegetable?)