June 2009 Song of the Month


Four Little Paper Dolls
Copyright 2009 by Nancy Stewart
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My best friend and I were enjoying a sunny afternoon on our porch swing, and we found ourselves reminiscing about making paper dolls as children. We spent hours cutting and decorating them. So I thought it would be fun to bring back this creative and FREE activity with a song! If you’ve never made paper dolls, there are directions and a pattern below.

Children of all ages can participate at their own ability level, whether drawing, cutting, or coloring. The song is sung slowly to allow children time to open and close the folds (making the dolls come or go) as the lyrics indicate. Alternately, teachers may demonstrate how to make paper dolls, and then sing the song using their set. It’s great fun, and a simple, creative activity worthy of re-introducing in these “back to basics” times! So have fun!

You might also try making paper doll animals, like dinosaurs, dogs, cats, etc.

Begin song with paper dolls open, showing four. As each verse is sung, fold doll on the end back against doll next to it, so only remaining dolls are visible. (This is not the fan fold you use to make the dolls, but a regular fold.)
When you get to the last verse, only one doll will be visible.
For last verse open them all up. There is instrumental time in the recorded song which should allow you (or children) time to open or close the dolls.


Four Little Paper Dolls

1. Four little paper dolls in a row
    One said, “Sorry, but I have to go”

2. Three little paper dolls in a row
    One said, “Sorry, but I have to go”

3. Two little paper dolls in a row
    One said, “Sorry, but I have to go”

4. One paper doll said,
    “Where are my friends?”
    They all came back…..
     And this is the end