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October 2005
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Apple and An Ant
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In conjunction with my current library programs teaching  phonological awareness,  I have been having great success with the very simple song. Please read the information in the "Sing Into Reading" printable handout included here, and also visit some of the recommended websites for more information on phonological awareness, and its importance in reading readiness.

Although this is a very simple song, it engages children immediately , as they identify the pictures, the beginning letters, and the sounds they make. I recommend you sing this song without the music, so you can let the children lead you in tempo, and so you can stop and talk about the letters and pictures in between pages. I use this song with children five and under.

1.         Print out the pictures to use in the song. Punch holes and place in 3-ring binder, placing each set of words beginning with the same letter on facing pages, so both can be viewed at the same time. They are available Here in PDF form (approx 700 KB).
( Information about using PDF format is Here)

2.         Point to each word as you sing it, making sure not to sing faster than the children can.

3.         Add your own pictures and words, depending on what letters you are introducing or reinforcing.

4.         With older children (4 and up), ask the question at the bottom of each page. They love this!
Here are examples of the questions I ask:

  (after apple and ant) “Would the apple eat the ant, or would the ant eat the apple?”

  (after baby and ball) “Would the ball play with the baby, or would the baby play with the ball?”

  This is great for comprehension and vocabulary building.

Recommended websites:
Beginning Reading And Phonological Awareness
National Association for the Education of Young Children (type phonological awareness in search box)















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