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As the internet has carried my music and information to homes, libraries, and schools around the world, I am receiving e-mails from many of you who wonder if I am ever appearing in a town near you. Beyond 100 miles from Seattle  my answer is usually, no, because the cost for one concert in a location would be prohibitive for most limited budgets. However, it occurs to me that we could all use the internet to make that happen! So welcome to the Nancy Network! Here’s how it works….

Fill out the form below and click "submit"

I will post your location only, on a Virtual Bulletin Board where others can see what places are listed, or add their place to the list if it’s not there. When I have enough requests from any area, I can put together a tour to your town! Just think of the possibilities!

Remember, this is designed to help those who are over 100 miles from Seattle, and working with a limited budget.
If you are within 100 miles of Seattle, or finances are not a consideration, just email me directly at

I can also give you suggestions on funding my visits, including sharing the cost with others, using my concerts for fundraisers, getting local hotels to donate my room, and putting together publicity. You might sell tickets for concerts, use staff development money for workshops, PTSA funds for school assemblies, or have local business or service organizations sponsor an event.

Now all I need is input from you to get this started!

NOTE: We are experiencing some problems with the form, so until we get them iron out, could you please put the following information in an email and send it to:

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Concerts for preschoolers in schools, daycare centers,
     home daycares, etc.

Elementary-aged concerts (up to 5th grade)

Library concerts

Music workshops for teachers ( 1-4 hours in length)

Music workshops specifically for librarians

Music workshops for parents

Festivals and other community events
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Book store concerts and appearances

Mother Goose Guitar Class (4 hours or an overnight retreat)

In Celebration of Women Concert
     (click HERE for details on this adult concert – it’s a great fundraiser!)

Use the box below to request something not listed

Check the Virtual Bulletin Board for Venue Area requests