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The songs and ideas on this website are constantly generating new songs and ideas! To make it easy for you to keep up, this page will list any new ideas chronologically. Just check this page at least once a month, and read down until you get to a tip you’ve already read. That way you won’t miss a thing!


New idea for super easy-to-make sand blocks!

Cut “noodles” (long plastic water/pool toys) into 3” lengths, and then cut each piece in half lengthwise. You’ll have two half round pieces. An electric knife works great, and gives you a nice clean cut. If you use a saw or foam knife, you will have little foam pieces that will eventually be sanded off with use.

Advantages: these are colorful, inexpensive and quick to make, and unlike wooden sand blocks, pleasantly quiet when children inevitably clap them together!


Variation on Story song activity “See the Sounds”. Instead of holding up picture cut from magazines, make enlargements of photos of your children engaged in different activities, (quiet and loud).


We have created the Nancy Network as an opportunity to join with other people in your area to request a show series. Please follow the link to the NANCY NETWORK page for complete details!







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