I have been a professional musician since I was fifteen, and after touring with a national band doing lead guitar and vocals for ten years, left my nightclub days behind to sing with my own kids. Then other kidsÖ and lots and lots of kids who are now parents themselves! Along the way I became passionate about the connection between early literacy and music, and began presenting workshops for teachers and librarians nationally and internationally, where Iíve developed a reputation for creating songs and materials that are simple and easy to use.

In 2001 I started my artist website, www.Nancymusic.com, and began offering a free downloadable song a month, along with sheet music and accompanying materials. These songs are now used by teachers, parents, and librarians worldwide. Sing With Our Kids will take it to the next level, with an emphasis on singing and preserving traditional songs, and be better organized and much expanded.

 If you have an idea or song that you think should be on this site, please do send me an e-mail. I'm serious about this, because the more people share their ideas the better resource it will become for everyone that interacts with small children.

Here are some of the awards Iíve won along the way:

  • Ala Notable Childrenís Recording
  • Multiple Parentsí Choice Awards
  • WLA Visionary Award for Service to You
    (Iím honored to be the only non-library staff person to receive this prestigious award)

To learn more about me and my work, you can visit www.Nancymusic.com. And while youíre there, download some free songs! There are over 150 and a new one added every month!

 6505 S.E. 28th,
Mercer Island WA  98040