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Here are some favorite places and resources for things I've found useful!
Educational Sites

Preschool Express Jean Warren has a wonderful site, filled with crafts and activities for your little ones.
Enchanted Learning filled with information for children about many subjects, with a broad range of subjects.
American Sign Language  (ASL) Here are some sites that can be used in conjunction with the August  2001 Song of the Month, as well as many others.
    US Insurance: A great place to start! Provides lots of information
             clearly and simply with lots of excellent links!

    American Sign Language Web: Video demonstrations of
               how to sign lots of common words.

    HandSpeak: Excellent ASL resource including huge dictionary
                                                        and information on signing with babies and toddlers.

Bright Ring is a site filled with art activities for children from preschool on up! Step by step projects make it fun and simple.

Fun Sites

Wild Republic Home of the Singing Birds, as well as many other fun and educational nature related activities
handmade ocarinas and flutes - I have one myself and I love it!
Acorn Naturalists A favorite site I have found where you can purchase wonderful wildlife puppets, as well as free ideas, games, and teacher resources.
Cyberkids.com for older children and young teens - has a section to submit your own music compositions for display on the site.
The Real Mother Goose is online, complete with all the illustrations and your favorite nursery rhymes. 

Friend's Sites

MaryLee Sunseri   my friend and partner in many adventures! We still perform together every summer. Also visit Sunseri Gallery, her husband Frank's Art Gallery site, and Piper Grove, the home of all their sites!
Island Books - Mercer Island
Special events, book signings, in-store book fairs - everything for the book lovers enjoyment, with special attention to local authors and musicians.
Educator & performing artist Allan Hirsch entertains with Storytelling, Puppets & Music
Charlie the Noise Guy - A fellow performer in the Seattle area that I love working with! His website is very fun all by itself!

Please let me know if you have favorite sites you'd like to share -
there's always more room!