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Thank You Daddy
A Father’s Day Song
Copyright 2006 Nancy Stewart

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This song leaves spaces after each line, “Thank you daddy,” so that your child can say or write something he or she is thankful for. You can also have the children sign during the chorus. The simple ASL signs are easy to make, and repeat often.

Thank you: Fingertips of the open “5” hand are placed at the mouth. The hand moves away from the mouth to a palm-up position before the body.

Dad: The thumb of the open hand taps the side of the forehead. Male signs are typically made by the forehead.

I Love You: The letters I, L, and Y are made simultaneously to represent the first letters of the phrase I love you. This sign is also used in an affectionate manner to show one's appreciation to others.

Ask your children to tell what they like to do with their dad, and then have them draw pictures or write them down. This can be a “singing” Father’s Day card. You can just sing the song, or download it and have your child sing along and fill in the blanks.

TEACHERS: You might have children draw pictures of them doing a favorite activity with their fathers, or write a sentence. In class, you can go around the circle and have each child share the picture or sentence in the spaces left in the song. Or you might have the children present this song for a Father’s Day celebration. With younger children, you or another adult can caption the child’s drawings using the children’s own words.

Thank You Daddy
(words to be signed in blue)

Thank you Daddy, thank you daddy
Thank you Daddy. Daddy I love you

You go off to work all day
When you get back home we play
You take me ridin’ in the car
And you take me to the park

When we’re walkin’ all around
You pick me up off of the ground
You put me on your shoulders
That’s my favorite place to be

Just before I go to sleep
You read a story book to me
And we sing the songs we make up
About most everything

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