Oodles of Animals
Activities and Notes

Companion to recording by Nancy Stewart 
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Brand New Day

Play this songs as children are coming arriving in the morning to start the day off on a positive note.

Or listen to the song and have the children count the number of rooster crows!

Snakes Like To Snuggle

Dramatic play: have children hide around the room by themselves, listening to the song, and slithering together into a pile as the lyrics indicate. Be sure to set the rules before starting (snakes don’t have arms, they don’t talk, and they are going to snuggle NEXT to each other, not on top of each other!). Be sure children are familiar with the lyrics, so they will know when to shiver, slither, and smile.

Art project: have each child draw and cut out a snake. Decorate a bulletin board in your room with a tree and leave on the ground. Have children add their snakes to the scene, and caption it, “Snakes like to snuggle!” you can technical if you like, and learn about and have the children draw different kinds of snakes for the pile.

Have children shake maracas on chorus.

Thinking Cap

Talk about what a thinking cap is. Have each child draw or make a thinking cap. Talk about problems and discuss solutions. What problems do we all have, that we should all try to solve together?


Talk about what a tidepool is, and have pictures of the kinds of animals we find in tidepools. Demonstrate a tidepool by placing some rocks and items on the floor, and covering it with a piece of blue fabric. Show the children how when the tide goes out, a special place is visible which has many kinds of life.

Do the Monster Bop!

For younger children: after the words “bump, bump”, have children clap hands two times to echo the bumps.

For older children: On chorus, do the following motions

Bump Bump (hands slap lap twice, then clap twice)

Bibbity boom boom ( windshield wipers twice to right, twice to left)

Dramatic play: select four children to be the monsters, one mother, and one child. Act out the song.

Zoo, Zoo, Kazoo

Make kazoos out of waxed paper and combs, and have children kazoo along! explain to children the difference between humming and blowing. A kazoo is not like a whistle. To play a whistle you must blow, but to play a kazoo, you must make a sound with your voice (have children whooo like an owl to demonstrate difference).

Five Little Birdies

Fingerplay: hold up five fingers of one hand. As hold other arm out for telephone line, and have birdies sitting on it. As each bird flies away, have one hand fly behind back. Have children chirp like birds every time lyrics say “singing their pretty little songs all day”. Repeat with four, three, two and one finger, ‘till birds are gone.

Dramatic Play: stretch out a piece of string or yarn on the floor for telephone line, and have children stand on it, flapping their “wings”. have children chirp as lyrics indicate. You can say each child’s name or tap children on head when it’s time for them to fly away, and sit down.

Flannel board: Place five felt bids on a flannel board, and remove one at a time as lyrics indicate. Again, have children “chirp” when birds sing.

Wild Little Boy

Play this song for yourself to help you cope with the challenging children in your life.