February 2010 Song of the Month


Sweetie Pie
Copyright 2010 by Nancy Stewart
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Valentine’s Day is such fun for children! Most parents and grandparents have nicknames for their children, and this song provides a wonderful opportunity to talk (and sing!) about them. Have a discussion, and you will learn lots about the children in your care! Read the notes below the song before sharing it with children.

Sweetie Pie

1. Sweetie Pie, Sweetie Pie,
Won’t you be my little Sweetie Pie
We’ll have fun together, you and I
You’re my Sweetie Pie

2. Doodlebug, Doodlebug,
Won’t you be my little Doodlebug
Come on over and I’ll give you a hug
You’re my Doodlebug

3. Sweet Pea, Sweet Pea,
Won’t you be my little Sweet Pea
We’ll have fun together, wait and see
You’re my little Sweet Pea

4. Skidamarink, Skidamarink,
Won’t you be my little Skidamarink
We’ll have fun together, don’t you think?
You’re my Skidamarink

5. Buggaboo, Bugaboo,
Won’t you be my little Bugaboo
We can play together me and you
You’re my Bugaboo

6. Sweetie Pie, Sweetie Pie,
Won’t you be my little Sweetie Pie
We’ll have fun together, you and I
You’re my Sweetie Pie


Talk about what a “nickname” is. Some children will only think about shortened versions of their real names, (like Vivvy, instead of Vivienne). So you will want to talk about “special” names parents use. Once you have given a few examples, children will realize and love sharing those special names with everyone! I like to go around the class or group, and ask each child what their mother or father or other relative calls them. Some children will be able to tell you right away. Others won’t think of a nickname until they hear what some of their friends say. Then they will either think of the name, or copy what someone else has said. Children are very proud of these special names, and will become very excited to share! If you want to really have fun with it, ask the parents ahead of time, what special names they have, and you can be ready to work them into the song as you go around the circle. Also be ready to “give” a name to a child if their parents don’t have one. This song has lead to many spirited and touching conversations, and I always learn about the children and their families.

Before you sing the song, write down each child’s nickname on a piece of pink or red paper. You might add a fun Valentine’s sticker too! Place the papers in a basket. As you draw each one, say it, and then sing a verse with the name. To incorporate early literacy, have children read the name, or help them sound it out. Younger children may only be able to tell you what letter the names starts with. Modify this activity for the literacy level of your children.

Some children will take this song to a whole new level, wanting to make up their own names- not related to anything, just silly! I’ve had some very interesting results with this activity, as children engage their unique sense of humor. Write these names down on a poster or chalkboard.. But be prepared for this to be a seemingly endless conversation! Once again, you can work early literacy into this activity as you write and discuss the letters and words.