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Mother’s Day Song
Copyright 2004 Nancy Stewart
(Use the ASL signs below for the chorus)

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                 Version One:
  Thank you for loving me
  Thank you for reading to me
  Thank you for singing to me
  And Mommy I love you

My mommy laughs with me,
sometimes she plays with me
She says she likes to sit together
And read a story to me    (CHORUS)

She knows all the food I like,
And that I like to ride my bike
When she tucks me in at night,
She tells me, “I love you”    (CHORUS)


                   Recorded Version Two:
                Mother’s Day Activity

Spaces have been left in the verses on the recording, so children can add their own ideas about what their mothers do. Have each child draw a picture of something special his or her mother does. Write out what the child tells you below each picture. Play the instrumental version of the song. Each time “Thank you” is sung in a verse, have one child hold up a picture. This is especially fun when the mothers are present and get to see what their children say about them in pictures and words (thank you is said 6 times in the verses, so you can group children to make it come out even).
Children can continue to use ASL signs in the chorus when they're not holding up pictures.
Do a search on YouTube. You'll find several excellent videos on ASL.

Thank you:
Fingertips of the open “5” hand are placed at the mouth. The hand moves away from the mouth to a palm-up position before the body.


Thumb of the open “5” hand taps the chin several times.


“S” hands over heart with wrists crossed


The left hand is held before the body, palm up and fingers pointing to the right. This represents the page. The right “V” hand then moves down as if scanning the page.


The right “5” hand, palm facing left, is waved back and forth next to the left hand in a series of elongated figure-eights.

I Love You:
Point to self, then sign for love (above), then point to mother.