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Backyard Detective

Click HERE for a page to Print and Color!

Use the activity sheet included here and have children find the animals as they are sung in the song.

Variation 1. Sing the song, then go around the circle of children and have each child name a backyard animal.
Variation 2. Place some backyard animals in a bag or box ( they can be felt, plastic, stuffed, or anything else you have in your collection). Pass the bag around the circle, sing the song, and have children take turns pulling an animal out of the bag. Mix it up by putting a few animals that arenít found in a backyard (like a dinosaur, or an elephant).

Use your imagination and the song for a jumping off place for backyard activities!

You can be a backyard detective,
how many animals do you see
Look down on the ground, up in the sky,
Under a rock or out in a tree.










Click  HERE for  Sheet Music

Download the song in MP3 or RealAudio format! Also, this month
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