February 2012 Song of the Month
Shake Your Legs And Stop!
Copyright 2012 by Nancy Stewart








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This song was a classic example of necessity being the “mother of invention!” I was doing a classroom visit with an especially wiggly and unfocused group of children. This song spontaneously came out of my mouth ( I imagine there was some desperation involved) and it worked magic! It has become an opening song for circle time, and works every time. Sometimes the simplest things works best, and this is one of those things. I highly recommend it for use with 2-5 year-olds!


I do this sitting in a circle with legs straight out in front. “Clapping your legs, is just knocking your feet together from this seated extended leg position. As always, I encourage you to make this song your own by changing the positions of the body, and the parts you move! It could easily be adapted for primary grade children sitting in chairs. Now go forth and get those wiggles out!


NOTE: I intentionally kept total silence in between activities when I recorded the song, which raises the suspense for children as they must remain frozen until new instructions are sung.


Shake Your Legs and Stop!



Shake your legs and stop! (sing 4 times)


Shake your hands and stop! (sing 4 times)


Clap your legs and stop (sing 4 times)


Clap your hands and stop (sing 4 times)


Slow down for this next verse to add suspense and interest!

Blink your eyes and stop (sing 4 times)


Speed back up to release the last bit of energy

Shake your legs and stop! (sing 4 times)


Clap your hands and stop! (sing 4 times)