September 2012 Song of the Month

The Farmer's Apple Tree
This song may be downloaded for free and used for any purpose that is not for profit.




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This is a traditional song and a seasonal favorite. I do it as a felt board song, using a felt trunk, leaves, and apples. I use only 3 apples when singing with two-year-olds, but do 5 when singing with preschoolers. You can also make the apples yellow and green, instead of just red and expand the song with a discussion of different kinds of apples and what they are used for (eating, applesauce, pie, salad)

Additionally, after I have picked all the apples off the tree I say something like, ď Now the apples are gone, so letís put some birds on the tree.Ē Then I go right into Bluebird, Bluebird. (I use the shorter version of the song), placing different colored felt birds on the tree

The Farmer's Apple Tree

On the farmerís apple tree, three red apples
(hold up three fingers)
I can see
(circle fingers around eyes like glasses and look around)
Some for you and some for me
(point to another person, then self)
Pick one apple from the apple tree
(reach up high and pick an apple, pretend to take a bite)

(Repeat with 2 and 1)