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May 2007
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Thinking Cap
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This month in honor of Motherís Day, and in honor of my mother, Iím sharing one of the first childrenís songs I wrote nearly thirty years ago. When I was little, and couldnít figure something out, my mother told me to put on my thinking cap! Of course now I know, she was building my ďself-esteem!Ē But I prefer to imagine those wonderful hats she helped me to create! Use this song to open a discussion with the youngest children about thinking caps. Have the children draw them, and ask them about how we might all put on our thinking caps to solve problems! My daughter drew the picture below when she was about eight years old, while listening to this song.

Thinking Cap

Whenever I have a problem,
And I donít know what to do
My mother says, ďJust use your head,
And the answer will come to youĒ

Just put on your thinking cap and youíll find
The answer is there inside your mind
With your thinking cap itís true
There isnít anything you canít do

Well you wonít find your thinking cap in a closet
Itís not sitting on a shelf
All you have to do is close your eyes
It comes from inside yourself (chorus)

Well the best part about a thinking cap
Is it can look any way that you choose
It can be pink and purple or yellow and blue
It can even match your shoes, your shoes

So whenever we have a problem, and we donít know what to do
Letís all get together under one big cap
Iíll leave the color up to you! (chorus)





















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