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January 2006
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Just Like Me
(also available on the Oodles of Animals CD)
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Here is a simple song you can use to teach a few ASL animals signs. Or you can print out the animal pictures from the PDF file HERE and use the song to teach animals to younger children.
ASL signs are included for the animals in the song HERE.
For additional signs, click on this link:

Oh I have a little cat, she lives at our house
And when she walks around, she’s as quiet as a mouse
She is quiet as a mouse when she walks around the house
I have a little cat who is quiet as a mouse

Oh I have a little dog, he sleeps in a box
And when he does his tricks, he’s as clever as a fox
Oh he sleeps inside a box, he is clever as a fox
I have a little dog who is clever as a fox

Oh a have a little bird. I think he’s rather funny
Sometimes he hops around just like a little bunny
Oh I think he’s rather funny when he hops just like a bunny
I have a little bird who can hop just like a bunny

Oh I have a mom and dad, they’re grownups don’t you see
But sometimes they act silly and play just like me
Oh they're grownups don’t you see, sometimes they act like me
I have a mom and dad. Sometimes they’re just like me








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