November 2015 Song of the Month

Peel The Potato
Using rhythm sticks
Copyright 2015 by Nancy Stewart










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Helping children learn to keep a steady beat develops listening skills and provides a foundation for language and literacy. Though you can do this song year-round, itís especially useful at Thanksgiving.
Use this song with rhythm sticks that have ribs on one stick of each pair so you can scrape as in making a peeling motion. If you donít have rhythm sticks, simply extend one index finger and pretend to peel it with your other hand. The important thing is to keep a steady beat throughout the song. Notice the different motions on the last two verse.
Once you have sung this song, ask children for their ideas about what to peel and put in the pot. Their ideas will surprise you and make for some very interesting stews- and make for an endless song!

My favorite rhythm sticks are made by Basic Beat They are available on
There are several reasons I like them:

  1. They are shorter than most ( 8 inches ), so young children are less likely to accidentally bump children next to them.

  2. They are clear-coated natural wood finish so there is no paint to scratch off

  3. They are inexpensive and because they are shorter not as loud as longer one (which matters in a large group!).

Peel The Potato

Scrape one stick against the other, keeping a steady beat until the last two verses where the motion changes

  1. Peel the potato, peel the potato,
    Peel the potato and put it in the pot

  2. Peel the carrot, peel the carrot,
    Peel the carrot and put it in the pot

  3. Peel the onion, peel the onion,
    Peel the onion and put it in the pot

  4. Stir the stew, stir the stew,
    Stir the stew that we put in the pot
    (point sticks down, touching tips to the floor and make a curcular motion)

  5. Eat the stew, eat the stew,
    Eat the stew that we put in the pot
    (pretend to eat, raising and lowering sticks to mouth in rhythm)