November 2014 Song of the Month
Pop! Goes The Weasel
Traditional nursery rhyme (see below for fall version to do now!)



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This traditional nursery rhyme is great fun, and is my go-to song for singing with a parachute. It was first published in the 1850’s, and has many variations in lyrics. I sing with children and adults (if they are available!) while walking around holding a play parachute. We place a light-weight ball (blow-up beach ball) in the center and on “Pop” we toss it into the air. Kids can do this over and over! Of course you can also hold hands, walk in a circle, and just raise arms on the “pop.” Below you'll find additional ideas for ways to sing the song with various ages. *There are several words children may be unfamiliar with, so be sure to talk about them before you sing (cobbler, weasel, spool )

All around the cobbler’s bench

The monkey chased the weasel

The monkey thought ‘twas all in fun

Pop! Goes the weasel

A penny for a spool of thread, a penny for a needle

That’s the way the money goes

Pop! Goes the weasel

Fall Version : All Around the Patch
This great idea came for a librarian at a workshop I did.
Place an orange ball, or even several orange balloons in the parachute for pumpkins.

All around the pumpkin patch,
We’re looking for a pumpkin
This one looks so good to me,
UP goes the pumpkin!

Jack in the Box Version
One child can crouch down in a large box, with children singing and walking in a circle around the box. On POP, the child pops up, like a jack in the box. Continue, letting each child take a turn.

Version for Babies
Bounce a baby on your knee while you sing, and raise baby up on “Pop” In addition to bouncing, you can lean baby left and right, front and back.