March 2011 Song of the Month


The Alphabet Song

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Letter knowledge (being able to recognize, name, and know the sounds of letters) is one of the six skills children need before they can learn to read. Learning the alphabet is tricky business, since it’s not a word; it’s effectively gibberish until you master it! We all learn it the same way, by singing the ABC song. This works, because when the “words” are attached to a melody, our brains are able to recognize them as a pattern, which it’s then able to remember. Music builds memory. How many times as an adult, have you tried to think of where a letter falls in the alphabet, only to find yourself humming or singing the song? The melody gives a context to the otherwise random string of sounds.

This month’s song of the month is my version of the traditional Alphabet Song. I have slowed it down and extended the timing for the letters “l m n o p,” to make it useful in the following situations:

For use by ESL teachers
Students can look at letters in print while hearing each one clearly sung.
CLICK HERE for printable sheets with alphabet letters.


For use with ASL
Preschoolers often learn to hand sign the alphabet, and this slower version allows time to form the letters. There are wonderful videos for ASL letter signs on YouTube. Just type in “ASL letters in their search box. This is a good basic one for starters.


For use with older toddlers and preschoolers

Because the song is sung slowly, you can use a book with the printed letters of the alphabet and have time to touch each letter, including the ever elusive l-m-n-o-p (which many children think, at least for a while, is one letter!).


For more information on the music and early literacy connection, CLICK HERE.

The Alphabet Song

A, B, C, D, E, F, G;
H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P
Q R S, T U V,
W X, Y and Z
Now I know my abc's,
Next time won't you sing with me

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