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January 2004
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Click HERE for PDF of bear pictures to accompany the songs!
I have sung this simple song many times with classes and concert audiences, and it’s always a hit! Use this song anytime, and especially you are doing a unit on bears. You can begin each day with the song. You can make very simple or more elaborate props. Here are some ideas. Use your imagination and have fun!

1.Easiest: Print out the pictures on these pages and cut out the bears. There are drawings and photographs so you can choose either depending on the ages of your children. Put one letter on each of 5 different colors of construction paper, and put one letter on each so that together they spell “bears”. Glue one bear picture on the back of each. As you sing the song, let children choose one letter. Then turn it over and have them name the kind of bear. Of course, if you glue the bears on, the children will quickly remember which bear is on which letter! If you plan to do the song over several days, use one of the ideas below so you can change which bear goes with each letter.

2.Put one letter of the word “bears” in each of five envelopes. Put one picture of a bear in each envelope. As children choose the letter in the song, you or they can take the bear out.

3.Decorate boxes or cans with the letters and put plastic or paper bears inside.

4.Same as above, but write down facts about each bear and place in the cans or boxes. Take one out and read after naming each bear. Older children can read the facts out loud.

5.Visit these websites for more information and activates about bears.
Dialogue for Kids Wild About Bears: Bear Facts & Information
The Bear Den--All About Bears

















Bears - Lyrics

Bears, bears, bears, so many kinds of bears
Pick a letter, then tell me what kind of bear you see

This is a great song to try out the new “on/off” button on the Song of the Month. If you’re playing the song on the computer while online, you can stop the song after each verse while you name the bear and/or read the bear facts (above #4). Then simply start the song again and keep going!


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