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April 2005
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Take A Walk Around the Room
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This very simple song can be used to reinforce many different topics; letters, numbers, animals, etc. As you sing the song, children walk around the room. Have them look for something, and point to it. Then repeat the song, directing them to look for something else, and so on. Read more tips and ideas below.

For librarians who are holding story time in an empty room, you can display books around the edges, so there are lots of letters for the children to “find.”
Use this song when you have a few minutes to fill in between activities. Have the children find one of a kind things, like a hat, or a ball. This will work well especially if your group is small.
Instead of saying the letter you want the children to find, hold up a piece of paper with the letter (or shape, or color) for the children to find.
Place pieces of paper with letter on them around the room for the children to “find.”
Use this song at the beginning of the year as children are getting to know each other. For example, change the words to “find a friend who’s wearing blue and point her (him) out to me.”

Take a Walk Around the Room (lyrics)

Take a little walk around the room to see what you can see
When you find the letter “A” can you point it out to me

Recorded version has the following letters:
Verse 2: O
Verse 3: I
Verse 4: R
Verse 5: E

Hold up a piece of paper with each letter as it is sung, so children can see and hear what it is.

Note: Recorded version 1 is as written above, with the letters.
Version Two of the song leaves spaces for you to give your own ideas about things the children can "find." There are five verses, so be prepared with five items. It's always helpful to hold up a picture as you say the item (number, letter, object). Have fun with it!














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