August 2019 Song of the Month
Up Up And Away
Copyright 2019 by Nancy Stewart

This song may be downloaded for free and used for any purpose that is not for profit.
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Space travel is a poetic example of how imagination and science are intertwined. We look to the sky and imagine being able to fly; being able to travel to the world we can see but thatís out of reach. Without imagination there is no science, and without science, that imagination remains locked in our minds.
This song celebrates this symbiotic connection.

Up Up and Away

We see the birds that fly, and sing a starry lullaby
For we are born to wonder how and why
How the starsí distant glow can guide the sailors here below
Why the moon guides the tideís ebb and flow

    And we can travel even higher than the mighty eagle flies
    As we soar on wings of silver up into the endless skies
    Only bound by our imagination we go, up, up and away

So we imagine and explore, always wanting to know more
Of what we see as we gaze into the sky
For itís big enough to hold all the stories we have told
And the science of a starry summer night (chorus)

So come along and see all the possibilities
When our dreams become reality
It begins in your mind with a picture you design
Science taking it to actuality (chorus)