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April 2005
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Doin' the Penguin Waddlin' Walk
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This song was inspired by the movie The March of the Penguins. There are many different kinds of penguins, and some don’t even live in the snow! The facts in this song refer to the Emperor penguins, you might want to explore other kinds of penguins, and add your own verses.

Practice all of the motions in the verses before you do the whole song.

Have the children practice walking without bending their legs or arms.
Have children practice huddling together in their “colony.”
Have children practice getting down on their tummies, and if you have a wood or linoleum floor, they can even push themselves around with their feet!
Penguins lay eggs, and some mother penguins will balance the egg on her feet, keeping it warm under her fur. She will pass it to the father penguin, who will then keep it warm on his feet while she goes to eat! For a real challenge have children try walking with plastic eggs between their feet, and then giving it to their “mate” when the lyrics say. .

Doin' the Penguin Waddlin' Walk

Put your arms down by your sides,
Don’t bend your knees, don’t bend at all
We’re gonna do the penguin Waddle ‘n Walk
Now start your walkin’ stay straight and tall


Doin’ the Penguin Waddlin’ Walk, Doin’ the Penguin Waddlin’ Walk
Doin’ the Penguin Waddlin’ Walk, Doin’ the Penguin Waddlin’ Walk

Funny little penguin, you’re not like me,
You stay outside all year long
When it gets too cold and windy
You huddle with your colony to stay warm

Funny little penguin when you’re bored and tired of walking all around
You get down on your tummy and slide on the ice
Or with your feet push yourself around

Clever mother penguin, lay your egg
And keep it warm down on your feet
Give it to you mate, he’ll keep it warm
While you go off to eat


















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