May 2011 Song of the Month


Vamos al Mercado
(Let's Go to the Market)
Copyright 2011 by Nancy Stewart
by Nancy Stewart and Claudia Karll
(with heaps of gratitude for help with lyrics and pronunciation!)
























































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This is a simple song about going to the market to buy fruits and vegetables. If you  want to add other fruits or vegetables, or foods, go to the Google Translate page. Type the text you want translated and click on the “translate” box. After that you can click on the "Listen" button to hear the text spoken as well! This is great!

You can use the other printable pages I’ve included here to make a book with photos and words to use when teaching this song. If you want all of the song lyrics one page, they are below. Please note, the recorded version of these lyrics are broken into three songs , each song using 3 of the fruits or vegetables. This will make the song more manageable  to use with younger children and give you more control over which and how many verses you want to use.

Vamos al Mercado
(Let’s Go to the Market)



Nosotros vamos al mercado, 
(Let’s go to the market)

Vamos al Mercado

Nosotros vamos al mercado

¿Qué podemos comprar?
(What shall we buy?)


Me gusta la lechuga (3X) 
(I  like lettuce)

La lechuga verde.
(green lettuce)






Me gustan los tomates (3X )
(I like tomatoes)

Los tomates rojos. (red tomatoes)







Me gusta el pimiento (3X )
(I like pepper)

El pimiento amarillo.
(yellow peppers)







                  RECORDING 2

Me gustan los plátanos (3X)
(I like bananas)

Los plátanos amarillos.
(yellow bananas)







Me gustan las fresas (3X)
(I like berries)

Las fresas rojas.
(red berries)






Me gusta el kiwi (3X)
(I like kiwi)

El kiwi verde 
(green kiwi)








               RECORDING 3

Me gustan los arándanos (3X) 
(I like blueberries)

Los arándanos azules.
(blue blueberries) 


Me gusta la naranja (3X)
( I like oranges)

La naranja anaranjada   
(orange oranges)


Me gustan las uvas 
(I like grapes)

Las uvas moradas.
(purple grapes)