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June 2004
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Ladybug Spots

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This very short and simple song has been a big hit in my concerts and in the classroom. It’s based on the fact that ladybugs are named for the number of spots they have . So a ladybug with seven spots is technically a “Seven spot ladybug”, and so on. In my concerts have five ladybug “costumes” which are simply ladybug shapes cut out of cardboard, painted with spots, and with two elastic straps. The children put them on like backpacks, and the audience counts the spots and names each ladybug. We sing the song before each counting. After the concert, nearly every child wants to try on a ladybug and have his or her spots counted! Who knew counting could be so much fun? In the classroom, I just cut ladybug shapes from colored paper (be sure to use all the colors of ladybugs– yellow, orange, red, and black), and put spots on them. Again, we sing the song once before counting each one’s spots.

Ladybug Spots

Ladybug, here’s what we can do
We can count the spots on you

Visit these websites to learn some fun facts and activities about ladybugs. Your local library probably has at least one of the wonderful easy non-fiction children’s books entirely about ladybugs as well.