June 2013 Song of the Month

Somebody's Digging
Copyright 2013 by Nancy Stewart

This song may be downloaded for free and used for any purpose that is not for profit.











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To celebrate the 2013 Summer Reading Theme, (Dig into Reading), here is a very fun and already well-tested song for you to use! I wrote it a few weeks ago, and children canít get enough of it! The kids love peeking into the bags to see the animals in the bottom.

Somebody's Digging

Somebodyís digging down in the ground
(pretend to dig, following rhythm of the song)
Somebodyís digging you can hear the sound
(put hand to ear, listening)
Somebodyís digging, who can it be?
(palms up, arms out to side questioning)
Take a look in the hole, whoís looking at me?
(hold hand across forehead, and look down)

Now pick up a bag, or uncover the picture, depending on the props youíre using (below)

(All the pictures for you to use are on the other Lyrics Page PDF)

You can either print out the full-size pages with names and pictures of digging animals, or print out the four smaller animals, glue each to a small piece of cardboard, and place each in the bottom of a lunch bag.

For larger pictures:
Tape a brown piece of paper over each so you can keep it covered until you sing the song and then show the animal. Children can read the name and you can talk about the sounds and letters.

For smaller pictures:

  • Cut out and glue the letter each animalís name begins with to the outside of the bag.

  • Keep the bags upright in front of you., side without the letter facing children so they canít see it yet.

  • After you sing the song, pick up a bag and hold it so children can peek inside to see the animal. If you have a class, just move it slowing around so each child can see.

  • Then hold the bag upright, showing the letter, and asking them what it is.