September 2013 Song of the Month

Hello Song
(for learning names)

Copyright 2013 by Nancy Stewart

This song may be downloaded for free and used for any purpose that is not for profit.






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Itís September again, and that means lots of new names to learn if youíre a teacher, librarian, or care provider. Since I visit the same school twice a week, it takes me a long time to learn the names of the 150 children I see. I came up with this last year, and itís become a favorite! Besides being a great way to learn the names, it allows me to make eye contact with each child, an invaluable way to connect as we start our short time together. I also tried a new way of doing nametags that worked. Instead of stickers (which only work a couple of times), or necklace nametags, I simply folded 3X5 index cards in half lengthwise, making a free-standing tent. I wrote each name in large print with a marker and placed it on the floor in front of each child. The first few times I had to have the kids raise their hands as I called their names before placing the cards, but that too became a way to connect. If children are older and recognize their names, they can find and place them themselves. You could also put a headshot photo on each to help children find their own. This is a quick easy thing to do, and can easily get you through those first weeks of school. But donít stop singing the song! Itís a great transition song for circle time all year long.

Knowing childrenís names is so important- for them, and for you. So sing your way into knowing them, and have a great year!

Hello Song
(for Learning Names

Hello Jonathan, hello Hattie
Hello Jaxson, hello Ben, Hello
Hello Kate, hello Aiden
Hello Shea and Maya
Hello my friends, hello
Hello my friends, hello!

The beauty of this song is that it will grow or shrink to fit any number of names. If you have more melody than names, you can throw in another ďHello my friends, Hello.Ē If you have more names, you can eliminate it, and so forth. This is also great because the number of children on any one day will fluctuate. Itís a very flexible song. We love flexibility!!

You can also clap the syllables of the names as you sing them. Babies and very young children will be drawn to the rhythm, and older children can join you, building phonemic awareness