February 2020 Song of the Month
I Love Water
Copyright 2020 by Nancy Stewart
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You just never know where a song will come from! As I was driving down the freeway last week after the sixth rainiest January on record in Seattle (continuing into February), the steady rhythm of the windshield wipers lent their accompaniment to my songwriting brain. The result is this monthís song. You can have a lot of fun with different voices. The song is both simple enough for the youngest children, and silly enough in that ďcamp songĒ way for older kids. If you want to bring in some literacy, print out the pictures and put them into a 3-ring binder for an instant book.

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To extend the song you can either ask the children to suggest more water-loving animals, or change ďwaterĒ to tree, or ground, or other environment. Simple songs- endless possibilities!


I Love Water

Iím a duck I love the water,
I love water, quack quack, quack

Iím a frog, I love the water
I Love water, ribit, ribit, ribit

Iím a fish, I love the water
I love water, glug, glug, glug

Iím a snake, I love the water
I love water, hiss, hiss, hiss

Iím a bug, I love the water
I love water, zip, zip, zip

Iím a kid I love the water
I love water, splish, splish, splash!