May 2017 Song of the Month
Mothers Day Song
Copyright 2017 by Nancy Stewart


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I often get requests from teachers for short simple songs young children can sing at parent events. This sweet song is perfect for the school Motherís Day tea party or other celebration. Add ASL signs if you know them, or simple motions below, and you have a song that will make any motherís heart sing!





Mothers Day Song


When I was a little baby
(arms pretend to hold and rock baby)

You did everything 
(open hands out )
for me
(point to self)

I  couldn't walk
( fingers of one hand pretend to walk on other open hand)

And I couldnít talk
point to lips)

So you did everything
(open hands outstretched)
For me
(point to self)


But now Iím so much bigger
(raise one hand high over head, as if growing)

Thereís so much that I can do
(both open hands, palm down, swing right and left in front of body)

So on this Motherís Day my gift
(cup hands as if holding a present)

Is to sing
(one flat hand waves back and forth over other arm outstretched)
This song to you
(open arms out toward mother)

Yes on this Motherís Day my gift
cup hands as if holding present)

Is a song made just for you
(open arms out toward mother)