March 2012 Song of the Month
Shake Your Egg and Follow Me
Copyright 2012 by Nancy Stewart
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This is a great song for school or library story times and at home!

It's that time of year again, and from late February through March plastic Easter eggs are on the store shelves. It's a great time to either make your first egg shakers or replace the ones you have. Of course you can purchase “real” egg shakers, but we’re all on a budget, and these are so inexpensive and easy to make. Children of all ages love them. They are brightly colored, easy for small hands to hold, and washable!
CLICK HERE to get directions on making your own.

I sing this song slowly to allow new walkers to join in. It’s great for both fine and large motor skills, and vocabulary-building for little ones. If you play guitar, autoharp, or any other portable instrument,  it’s an easy song to play as you lead the egg “parade!”

Of course it’s also fun to sing a cappella (voice only) so you can model placing the egg - especially for young toddlers. 

 Here are some other songs to use with rhythm instruments


Shake You Egg and Follow Me

(sung to tune of London Bridges)


Shake your egg and follow me, follow me, follow me

Shake your egg and follow me

Now put your egg on your head.

Repeat, putting egg on toes, tummy, nose, chin, a friend

You can do this song sitting in a circle and just replace the words| “follow me,” with “along with me.”