December 2013 Song of the Month

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas
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This sweet traditional song captures the innocence and respect for giving and receiving that is sometimes difficult for children these days to grasp. Sing it slowly and softly so children can do the hand motions and sing all of the words. This is a great one to memorize.

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

  1. Jolly Old St. Nicholas (pat your tummy)
    Lean your ear this way (cup one ear and lean to side)
    Donít you tell a single soul what Iím going to say
    (wag finger back and forth and nod head ďnoĒ)
    Christmas Eve will soon be here
    (tap wrist as if tapping a watch)

    Now you dear old man (pat tummy)
    Whisper what youíll bring to me (hands cup mouth)
    Tell me if you can
    (cup ear and pretend to listen)


  2. When the clock is striking twelve
    (hands together back and forth for clock)
    When Iím fast asleep (head on hands)
    Down the chimney with your pack
    (hands together over one shoulder as if holding pack)
    Softly you will creep
    (fingers of one hand gently walk on open other hand)

    All the stockings you will find hanging in a row
    (point to each stocking in rhythm as you sing)
    Mine will be the shortest one
    (flat hands close together indicating short)

    Youíll be sure to know (point and nod )

  3. Johnny wants a pair of skates
    (two fingers of one hand ďskateĒ on other)
    Susie needs a sled
    (hands together, back and forth moving down)

    Nellie wants a storybook, one she hasnít
    (read hands open as if holding book)
    As for me I hardly know (hands out, shrug shoulders)
    So Iíll go to rest (head on hands)
    Choose for me dear Santa Claus
    What you think is best
    (point to Santa and nod)