October 2012 Song of the Month

Salmon Song
This song may be downloaded for free and used for any purpose that is not for profit.




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Here in the Pacific Northwest where I live, salmon are an important part of our culture. They are anadromous, which means they are born in fresh water, move to salt water to feed, and return to fresh water to spawn.
You can do this song as a dance with scarves, creating areas of the room or outside for the ocean and the river, or use your hands to mimic fish swimming and following the rest of the lyrics.

To learn more about this fascinating fish, check out the  DK jr. Salmon Facts for Kids page or one of my favorite websites, EnchantedLearning.com
The materials are free, but there is an optional minimal membership fee ($20/year) which is well worth supporting this incredible and dependable website.


Salmon Song

Salmon living in the ocean know

When itís time to go home

So they swim up the river to lay their eggs

Back in the place where they were born

Salmon hatch from their eggs the gravel

Grow and travel down stream

Over the rocks and down the river

To find the place where it meets the sea

(Repeat first verse)