May 2019 Song of the Month
Way Up In The Sky

This song may be downloaded for free and used for any purpose that is not for profit.
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I learned this song at summer camp. The great thing about camp songs, is they are meant to be sung together. And they are often great for a variety of ages. I now sing this with infants up to age ten. The large motions engage babies and are fun for older kids to do with exaggeration. With babies I sing quietly and slowly , as in the recording. With older kids it can be very silly as you make your voice louder and softer. You can really put your personality into it!

Way Up In The Sky

Way up in the sky
(arms sweep up and open over head)
The little birds fly
(Make wings with bent arms and flap in rhythm to song the little birds fly)
Way down in the nest
(arms dive downward and up into cupped hands for nest)
The little birds rest
(rest head on hands)
With a wing on the left
(left arm sweeps up and away from body and then comes back to form wing)
And a wing on the right
(same as above but with right arm)
The little birds sleep
(rest all through the night res head on hands)

All through the night
(Spoken) Shhh------ , They’re sleeping!
(Finger to lips for quiet)
The bright sun comes out
(arms sweep up and out in big motion)
The dew falls away
(claw hands facing floor move downward in rhythm)
“Good morning, good morning,” the little birds say
(open and close hands in at side of face in “shine” position)