January 2017 Song of the Month
Snakes Like To Snuggle
Copyright 1989 by Nancy Stewart


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Its’ true! In the fall, snakes find each other and “snuggle” together- even different kinds! There are several things you can do with this song. Use simple hand motions on the chorus or try some of these other ideas.

DRAMATIC PLAY: Have children hide around the room by themselves, listening to the song, and slithering together into a pile as the lyrics indicate. Be sure to set the rules before starting (snakes don’t have arms, they don’t talk, and they are going to snuggle NEXT to each other, not on top of each other!). Be sure children are familiar with the lyrics, so they will know when to shiver, slither, and smile.

ART PROJECT: Have each child draw and cut out a snake. Decorate a bulletin board in your room with a tree and leaves on the ground. Have children add their snakes to the scene, and caption it, “Snakes like to snuggle!” You can technical if you like, and learn about and have the children draw different kinds of snakes for the pile.

MUSICAL ACTIVITY: Have children shake maracas on chorus.


Snakes Like To Snuggle

Snakes like to snuggle, snakes like to snuggle,
(hands apart, fingers wiggling - bring hands together on “snuggle”)
Snakes like to snuggle in the fall (repeat)
(as above, but flutter fingers down in front on “fall”

When the leaves are falling on the cold, cold ground
the snakes start to shiver and they look all around
Then they all get together in a great big pile
It’s so warm and cozy you can see them smile oh…

You know it doesn’t even matter if they’re not the same kind
‘Cause rattlesnakes and gopher snakes will do just fine
When they all get together in a great big pile
It’s so warm and cozy you can see them smile oh..