January 2008 Song of the Month



Five Little Snowmen















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Text Box: This has been the number one favorite felt board song for years!  Be sure to use “different “ voices as I do on the recording. Children LOVE this, as it appeals to their very unique sense of humor!
Use the patterns below to maket five felt fish in different shapes and colors, to match words in song. 
There are so many fishies in the deep blue sea. What color fishy do you see?
Red, red, this one's red. This little fishy is red 
(Repeat with other colors)
There are so many fishies in the deep blue sea. Can you count the fishies with me...1,2,3,4,5,
There are so many fishies in the deep blue sea
What color is the biggest fish you see?
There are so many fishies in the deep blue sea
What color is the smallest fishies you see.
Variation: Find clipart of different kinds of fish, and change the words to “What kind of fishy do you see?” - A great way to learn about different salt or fresh water species. You can laminate the clipart and place a small piece of  the loop side of Velcro on each fish so it will stick to the felt board. Or glue felt to the back. This is a quick easy way to make colorful detailed felt board shapes for many songs. 
Hint: EnchantedLearning.com has great fish pictures!
Patterns for Felt Fish

This traditional fingerplay has many variations. This one is my favorites, and I have added the melody to make it a song. You can do this as just a fingerplay, as a dramatic play, as a felt board song, or a combination. I place snowmen and a sun on the felt board, and have the children stand up and then melt to the floor with each verse.


Five Little Showman

Five little men made out of snow
(hold up five fingers)
Each with a hat and a big red bow
( hold fists above head and pretend to put on a hat, hold hand to sides of neck as if adjusting a bowtie)
Out came the sun and he stayed all day
(make a large circle over head)
ne little snowman melted away,
And he said,

(hold up one finger and then have it slowly wiggle to the ground)

“Oops- I’m a puddle!”

(open hands out to side, palms up)

Repeat with 4, 3, 2, 1