AUGUST 2001 Song of the Month
Little Cat
Copyright 2002 Nancy Stewart
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I wrote this song to teach the youngest children (1-2 year olds) a few simple animal signs. I was surprised to find that children as old as six enjoy this very simple song as well. Visit any of the ASL websites to see animated demonstrations of animal signs. Or check out a book of simple signs from your local library. I suggest holding up a picture of each animal as well. You may want to sing this song year-round, or when studying groups of animals. For example, sing only about pets when learning about pets, zoo animals when learning about the zoo, etc.

Little Cat
by Nancy Stewart © 2001

Little cat (meow), little cat (meow),
There’s a little cat walking all around
Little cat (meow), little cat (meow)
There’s a little cat walking all around.
(repeat with duck, pig, mouse, and others)

ASL Animal Signs

Cat: thumbs and fingers of both hands stroke an imaginary pair of whiskers at either side of the face.

Duck: The right hand is held with its back resting against the mouth. The thumb, index and middle fingers come together repeatedly indicating the opening and closing of a broad bill.

Pig: down-turned right hand prone is placed under chin, fingers pointing forward. The hand, held in this position swings alternately up and down

Mouse: wrinkle nose as you hold index finger of one hand up and brush back and forth across nose.