August 2018 Song of the Month
Cows Are Cool
Copyright 2018 by Nancy Stewart
This song may be downloaded for free and used for any purpose that is not for profit.
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One of my fondest memories of elementary school was when a local farm brought some animals for us to see and touch. Among them were several breeds of cattle, and as a “city girl,” I was fascinated to learn about and see them. Many years later when I was writing and singing for children, I wondered if they would share my fascination. It turns out that yes- they do! Cows are right up there with dinosaurs in popularity, and this became a favorite song, not just of mine, but of children I didn’t know who found my music. We’ve included pictures of the breeds mentioned in the lyrics, so you can print them out and show children what they look like. You can also laminate them or mount on card stock and use on a felt board by attaching a small piece of the comb side of sticky-back Velcro. Children love animals, and a farm unit is standard for spring and fall units in schools and daycares. Some of my teacher friends also add hand motions to the chorus (simply pointing to feet and tails, and pretending to chew), so have fun as you make this song your own!

Cows Are Cool

Cows are cool, cows are neat
Cows have tails and hooves on their feet
Cows hang around chewing their cud
Standing in the pasture or standing in the mud

Oh the Holstein is black and white, she’s a very popular cow
She makes more milk than any other, wouldn’t you like a glass now

Another dairy cow is the Jersey and light brown is she
Her milk is very rich and good for making butter and cheese

Another kind of dairy cow is the Guernsey and she may be
red or yellow or brown and white, she’s pretty as you can see

But the Aberdeen Angus is as black as the night
And if you see him in a pasture, well he’s quite an impressive sight (CHORUS)